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Ali+Oli Pacifier Set Flower (Cedar & Snow)

Ali+Oli Pacifier Set Flower (Cedar & Snow)

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With so many choices out there for newborn pacifiers, how do you know which is best for your baby and why?

There are natural rubber pacifier types, and what about those hard green pacifiers you see everywhere -- why are they so cheap? Well, we decided to start from scratch and create the highest quality pacifier for baby possible. To do so -- we started with the highest quality material available, which is medical grade silicone. Then we designed it to emulate the shape your baby has been used to while breastfeeding -- take notice of the shape of our shield and how it concaves away from your baby's face -- this allows for incredible airflow, which means your baby will keep his soothie pacifier in his mouth longer as opposed to other brands that have large flat shields that compress against your child's nose and make it difficult to breathe. And what's the deal with our low profile ring? We were tired of seeing these large unsightly rings protruding out from the backside of the pacifier shield.

When a binky clip is attached, it creates a tremendous amount of pressure downward, which causes your little one to spit it out or for it to just fall By creating a small low profile ring -- we bring the center of gravity closer to the shield -- therefore eliminating stress from your baby's mouth. Genius right? We think so!

Our silicone pacifier is soft yet durable and will withstand the rigors of constant use by infants. You will really appreciate the high quality details of our binky and your little one will love it. This is an infant pacifier that makes sense for discerning parents who only want the best for their children.

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