Family Owned Small Business

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your little one using our products and receiving the positive feedback from you about your experiences.

  • Mini Animal Puzzle

    Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. The different shapes enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The chunky design of the animal pieces ensures babies can easily grasp and play with them.

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  • Giraffe Teether and Rattle

    The multi-texture surface is a great massager for sore gums and it also helps provide sensory points for her to feel and for her little hands grip on to. It also helps her learn hand-to-mouth coordination, which is essential at this age. 

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  • Flower Pacifier Coco

    Our new pacifier is not only adorable — it’s a smart design — it mimics the breast as the shield concaves away from your baby’s face helping reduce the chance of rashes while also improving air flow.

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