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Ali+Oli Sleepy Eyes Wall Decor (Mint)

Ali+Oli Sleepy Eyes Wall Decor (Mint)

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Bring your modern nursery alive with these beautiful European style Sleepy Eyes™ wall decor. Each eyelash decoration set comes in a pair and has three gorgeous color options to choose from: Black, Pastel Pink, and Mint.

Our eyelash wall decor measures 7” x 3” and is made from an Eco-friendly solid MDF wood and is painted using a low VOC water based paint so they are safe for baby. This kind of contemporary wall art for baby is unique, fun, and inspirational. Make a bold statement by using them on a shelf to take advantage of their three dimensional beauty or simply mount them on your nursery wall for an ahhh factor.

Installation is easy. They can be mounted on pretty much any surface using the (provided) double sided tape. Inside your Sleepy Eyes™ package we provide four small double sided tape squares. To install, simply peel off one side of the double sided tape and adhere two pieces to each eyelash, evenly distributed. Then when you're ready to adhere them on the wall, simply peel off the opposite side of the tape and you're ready to go. Adjust the distance between the eyelashes to create your own unique look.

We recommend a distance of 6” in between each wooden eyelash and keeping the smallest eyelash on each eyelash towards the middle; this is how they were intended to be used. The backside of the eyelash decoration is the side with the small pinhole. The pinhole is not for hanging. Our wooden wall decor does not require hardware. The pinhole was used in our painting process.

Sleepy Eyes™ wall decoration is a great choice for your infant nursery and it's the perfect baby shower gift or christening gift for baby. Include them in your gift set for baby and your recipients will love them. Make a memorable impression and purchase this newborn gift that will remain in their lives for years to come.

Legal Disclaimer
Ali+Oli® Sleepy Eyes™ wall decorations are intended for Adult Use only. This is not a toy. This is not a chew toy. Never leave child unattended with Adult Use only products. Adhere to wall with double-sided tape. Removal can cause damage depending on surface. Mount with caution. Use best practices.
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